Know-how transfer of innovate manufacturing techniques of orthopedic devices
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    Training Institute in Taulignan

SATORI, training campus, is born from the desire to transmit craftsmanship skills and process, resulting from several years of experience and development. Our art evolves, our ambition, referred and supported by our partners, is to guide you in the discovery of innovative materials, environment friendly and their operators, as well as new concepts.

Our work belongs to a world in perpetual move, always on the seach for NEW TECHNOLOGIES. Innovation, be it from more sophisticated products or constantly reengineered, requires complex skills and deeper an deeper craftmanship knowledge.
Today, in partnership with historial actors of our profession, strong of 20 years of experience, we are offering formations, turned with these latest technologies. All of our trainings are "according to your needs". They can be tourned on your projects, requirements and needs.

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